Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A tribute to Adriana Excoffon (1959-2010)

Adriana Carmen Excoffon studied at the Faculty of National Sciences of the National University of Mar del Plata (Mar del Plata, Argentina), where she graduated in Biological Sciences. After that, she got her PhD with the doctoral thesis “Reproductive Biology of Intertidal Sea Anemones from Mar del Plata”, supported with a fellowship from the Research Scientific Commission of the Buenos Aires Province. From this point to her death, she researched on the taxonomy and reproductive biology of sea anemones from South Atlantic Ocean.

Adriana’s studies focused the biodiversity of actiniarians from shallow water of Mar del Plata and another zones of the continental shelf of Argentina. She knew the sea anemones diversity and also investigated the reproductive biology of them. Lately she was studying the sea anemones fauna from Costa Rica and the possible links with the Argentinean fauna.

Beyond research, Adriana served as chief of practical work of coelenterate biology classes at the University of Mar del Plata, encouraging some students to choose an aspect of coelenterate biology to begin their researches.

Adriana had a jovial character and she never loose hope. For all this reason we will miss her.

Adriana’s publications on coelenterate biology:

Text by Mauricio O. Zamponi (UNMdP).

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